Creating a flexible environment that works for us all

At BT Group, smart working is all about embracing new technology, breaking down barriers, and discovering new ways to work together. Ultimately, we need to strike a balance between what’s right for our people, our customers and our business.

Spontaneous connections formed in the office and social conversations help you to network, develop your career and learn. It helps managers to take care of their teams and junior colleagues to find the support and structure they need for their fledgling careers to flourish.

That’s why we think that a balance of time spent face to face combined with the flexibility of home working for up to two days a week is what will help us all to be more effective in our roles.

We call this approach “3 together, 2 wherever”. There are two key principles:

  • We believe in being together

    That means our office-based colleagues coming together for at least three days a week in the workplace, or travelling to meet with customers.

    We’re providing brilliant spaces for everyone to connect and collaborate through our Better Workplace Programme.

  • We believe in flexibility

    That means up to two days of flexible working per week for most office-based colleagues. On those days you can choose to work at home, the coffee shop or even in the office, if you prefer!

    It’s up to you to decide what works for you on those days. The rest of your time you’ll work with your colleagues, your team, or your customers, in person.

What this means for new joiners


When you join us, we’ll meet and onboard you in person, probably in the office where you’ll be based – this helps you to get to know your environment and colleagues from day one.

You’ll also meet your manager and colleagues face to face for team meetings, training and development activity. Beyond that, we’re flexible about which days you’re together – it’s up to teams and their managers to figure out what works best.

  • Not all roles are the same. In some cases – for example, in customer-facing roles – it’s advantageous for you to be in the office for 4 or even 5 days in a typical week. During the interview and assessment process, you’ll have a chance to talk to your line manager and agree the best working pattern. 

When you’re not in the office, we’re happy for you to work where you like. You don’t need to be at home – although you do need to be in your home country and somewhere that doesn’t’ breach our confidentiality requirements or health and safety rules. Flexibility isn’t just about the days you work – it’s also about the hours. If you have concerns over commuting to work during the rush hour, childcare costs or caring responsibilities that will impact your hours, let’s talk. There’s no reason you need to work a rigid 9-5.