Show us your potential and start your BT Group career in a contact centre.

Through the power of technology, we’re supporting customers to live, work and play together better. Join us as we keep our customers and the country connected.

Working in our contact centres

Here's an insight into what our people are doing

  • What does a sales advisor do?

    This role is all about asking questions to understand what’s really important to the customer. They might want to add more services, save money or get a better value deal.  Sometimes they may even want to leave us (spoiler: we don’t want them to do this). You’ll need to get to know them in a few minutes and quickly work out what they need.  It's all about connecting for good.

  • What does a customer advisor do?

    Each call can be very different. You might be helping people to understand their bills, getting them back online when their connection goes down, or talking them through our products and how to use them. It’s not always easy. Sometimes customers can be frustrated that they’ve lost connection or their bill’s more than expected. It’ll be your job to calm the customer and fix the problem.

Here's how and where do it

We like to give our customers a personal, local touch. We don’t just recognise that our advisors have their own style, we embrace it by encouraging you to handle calls in your own way, one that matches your personality. And wherever possible we route calls to the closest contact centre, helping you start conversations and build rapport.

Which area of sales or service you pitch up in depends on which contact centre you’re at. We don’t take exactly the same calls at each one. But there is one thing that runs through all of them, wherever they are: they’re all full of wonderful people with amazing qualities, just like you.

As a company that embraces diversity and inclusion, you’ll always find a warm welcome with us - whoever you are, wherever you’re from.

Life in a BT contact centre is many things – exciting, challenging, rewarding, occasionally frustrating, - but it’s never dull. You’ll work with a diverse mix of people in a buzzing atmosphere and be part of a welcoming, inclusive community.

If you want to work in a lively, fun environment and you’ve got the skills we’re after, you know what to do.