Strategy, Transformation and Business Intelligence

We’re strategists, analysts, engineers and more, working together to transform how we do business and go beyond limits for our customers. We use our techniques and technologies for widespread business benefit and discovery, and collaborate with others on critical challenges, making sure that safety and trust are the highest priorities.

​We’ve always been fascinated by intelligence. It’s what gives us the ability to solve problems, find creative ideas, and make the breakthroughs that build the BT world of tomorrow. We manipulate, model and analyse information to support educated business decision making. We also maximise BT's productivity and operational performance through planning, forecasting and scheduling.

Business operations and services

Over 10,000 globally people work in business operations roles and they provide a range of services across the whole of BT for our internal and external customers. Internally this diverse operation is called Group Business Services and through these shared service centres we provide support in customer services, billing, contractual delivery, business assurance and procurement operations.

A career with us could be incredibly varied and fulfilling, and we welcome applicants from finance, billing, operations, technology, or change back. In fact, the only must-have is a passion for customer experience and service!