Data and AI Security Specialist

Job Req ID:  1654
Posting Date:  23-Sep-2022
Function:  Data & AI

RMZ Ecoworld, Devarabeesanahal, Bengaluru, India

Salary:  Competitive with great benefits

Job Description


Job Locations

Bengaluru (Primary)


Why this job matters

The Data and AI Delivery Unit is using innovative ways of leveraging BTs data such as AI and Machine Learning techniques to make better data driven decisions and to drive revenue in both our on-prem and Google Cloud Platform estates. As part of this ambition it is key deliver safely protecting the data at every stage. This job is vital because the Data and AI Security Specialist role encompasses the promotion of strategy, pro-active security management and part of the wider vulnerability management (VM) team in BT. 

This job protects one of BTs most important asset its Data. It directs all security projects that feed into Data and AI Security Delivery Unit, actively monitors and manages security exposure across a wide variety of measures. 


Main responsibilities

  • Understand the role of data in relation to Business process and systems
  • Implement a vulnerability management strategy across Data and AI applications and maintain a good security posture and hygiene across systems.
  • Lead and drive in dynamically reducing the vulnerabilities across the estate. 
  • Create a change network that builds consensus and momentum for change with join purpose, learning, decision making and accountability across different teams.


Main skills/experience required

  • Managing expectations and the level of stakeholder engagement. Ability to manage to complex political relationships in a variety of business and technical situations. Influence and engage with stakeholders in decisions based on analysis of their needs, interests and impact. Use empathy and the right language to avoid misunderstanding. 
  • Experience is needed within several key areas; Security tools rollout, Vulnerability patching, pen testing when its needed and the process.
  • Identify opportunities and solutions that deliver “wow” experiences for our Customers. Building and agreeing implementation plans that drive fundamental changes to customer experience in a major domain.