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Commercial Management Industrial Placement - Glasgow

Job Req ID:  25343
Posting Date:  17 Feb 2024
Function:  Summer & Industrial Placements
Unit:  Business

220 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Salary:  23,500.00

Business Commercial Management Industrial Placement


Commercial Management is really just a fancy way of saying business management. Which means on this placement you’ll get exposure to all the different skills you’ll need to be successful in a corporate environment.   

We’ll get you working on some of our projects from day one, working on real projects that with real business goals and outcomes. You could be working with a real mix of customers, from small companies to big FTSE 100 companies, as well as a whole range of BT colleagues.  

You could be placed in any of our teams including Marketing, HR,  Finance, Sales Channels, Product, Transformation, Strategy or Service. Regardless of the team you are in you will have a commercial role that aims to help you develop business skills that are fit for the future.  

“I’ve dramatically built up my skills during my placement, I honestly don’t think I had any before! Now I have the confidence to speak to senior leaders, learnt to ask people around me for help and improved my time keeping and excel skills. I’ve noticed my confidence growing, and I have really enjoyed this year- I feel like I have grown up a lot.” 2023 Placement student.  


This is the perfect placement to help you understand how an international business works and develop skills needed to have a successful corporate career. We will provide you with learning and development opportunities to help improve skills including communication, project management, change management and stakeholder management plus a whole heap more. By the end of your placement, you’ll be a well-rounded professional with the skills you’ll need to really develop your career.  



Our industrial placements start in September and end in July. You must be ready and able to start this role from the beginning of September 2024 to apply.  



Alexander Bain House

Entry requirements


You should be in the penultimate year of a relevant undergraduate degree course and on track to achieve a minimum 2.2 in any discipline. 



£23500 per annum pro rata 

About BT


BT Group is the global powerhouse behind EE, BT, Plusnet, and Openreach.  

We value diversity and celebrate difference. We’ll encourage you to be yourself, whatever your background. As Philip Jansen, our CEO, says ‘We embed diversity and inclusion into everything that we do. It’s fundamental to our purpose: we connect for good.’ 

Whichever brand you’re working for, we’re all playing for the same team. And we all enjoy the rewards of being part of something bigger: the opportunities to explore new experiences, pursue different dreams, climb challenging career ladders, and try out different ways of working.  

We’re always looking ahead. We don’t just sell broadband, and networks, and security, and thousands of clever things you’ve never heard of; in our Martlesham labs, we’re inventing the technologies of the future.  

Four brands. One team, 100,000 strong. Together, we’re connecting the world. Come and play your part in building the BT Group of the future, one that will be net zero by 2030.  


Our leadership standards


Looking in:
Leading inclusively and Safely
I inspire and build trust through self-awareness, honesty and integrity.
Owning outcomes
I take the right decisions that benefit the broader organisation.

Looking out:
Delivering for the customer
I execute brilliantly on clear priorities that add value to our customers and the wider business.
Commercially savvy
I demonstrate strong commercial focus, bringing an external perspective to decision-making.

Looking to the future:
Growth mindset
I experiment and identify opportunities for growth for both myself and the organisation.
Building for the future
I build diverse future-ready teams where all individuals can be at their best.

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