Datum: 20.03.2023

Standort: Postfach 67,Wallisellen, Wallisellen, Schweiz

Unternehmen: BT Group

Key responsibilities:


  • Act as the lead lawyer on legally complex and high value transactions with BT Global’s customers with a focus on Switzerland within DACH.
  • Be relevant contact person for legal matters particularly referring to the BT Switzerland business on Customer projects and contracts, on Compliance, Regulation, and Corporate Governance.
  • Work with members of BT Global on a range of legal matters, including disputes, product launches, new initiatives, legal interpretation and legislative changes.
  • Be a single point of contact for the stakeholders within your relevant functional unit, dealing with any issues or escalations they require assistance with to resolve.
  • Manage our relationship with external legal providers, including engaging their support and/or providing guidance/direction as a matter progresses.
  • Build and maintain relationships with senior stakeholders within your relevant functional unit, advising on the impact of business decisions, identifying legal constraints and recommending solutions that minimise risk and support BT Global in achieving its strategy.
  • Ensure that all business activities – including customer sales, standard terms development and product launches – follow the relevant governance and compliance policies and process. 
  • Identify regulatory, governance and compliance issues and refer them to appropriate owners and support functions.  
  • Provide clear and effective briefings, and escalate issues of concern, within your reporting line and to stakeholders.
  • Act as an escalation point to help support the legal work being conducted by our legal process outsource providers.


Based on this general remit you are in particular responsible for:


  • Commercial legal support for DACH region with a focus on Switzerland, accompanying support of international contract projects in the DACH region with a focus on Switzerland; providing independent legal consulting on contracting activities and compliance and corporate governance questions for mainly Switzerland in the IT and telco business; managing internal and external stakeholder contacts including collaboration with international law firms across Switzerland.
  • Compliance support for mainly Switzerland comprising of horizon scanning, compliance evaluation, risk assessment and risk management of upcoming legislation in particular referring to Switzerland; supporting general telco regulatory questions and matters in Switzerland;
  • Driving forward and managing digital reporting and legal tech tools and other electronic working standards.


Main Skills and Capabilities:


  • Fully qualified lawyer under Swiss laws or German laws with Swiss laws background.
  • Ideally specialization in EU and / or international IT laws
  • Fluent in English and German.
  • About 2 -3 years of professional experience in international IT / telco business, international law firms or equivalent.
  • ideally having already a general telco regulatory background.
  • fully knowledgeable in common digital application standards, initial skills and experience in legal tech tools as an asset.


  • Proven experience: evidence of working in a fast-paced legal environment and strong record of working on all manner of commercial contracts.
  • Drive and enthusiasm: must be self-motivated, capable of working independently with drive and enthusiasm, and being part of a team.
  • Communication: ability to articulate complex issues in a simple way as well as make reasoned, balanced recommendations.
  • Change agent: must passionate about testing the status quo and developing alternatives. 
  • Communication and analytical skills: must demonstrate good communication and analytical skills.
  • Business acumen: knowledgeable in business strategy and the drivers of organisational performance, including people drivers of performance and financial literacy.
  • Pragmatic: must be pragmatic and solutions driven.