Performance and Load Control Developer - Golang

Job Req ID:  381
Posting Date:  23-Sep-2022
Function:  Software Engineering

Adastral Park Orion BLDG B62, Ipswitch, United Kingdom

Salary:  Competitive with bonus and benefits (D Band)

Why this role matters

Voice has always been a key part of our business and the transition to IP based solutions has opened up opportunities for changing how everyone interacts with their services.

When you join us a Software Engineer you’ll have the opportunity to be a part of  a team building these future services and helping to define how people consume these services.

You’ll be able to use your skills to simplfy how our customers connect with each other.



What you’ll be doing:

The role is for an enthusiastic, passionate senior software engineer responsible for taking BT forward.

You’ll be:

  • Responsible for leading the design and development of high-performance applications and load control solutions, including gathering requirements, planning, stakeholder management, and overseeing delivery.
  • Designing, building, performance testing, and optimising high-performance applications
  • Understanding and have experience of Application of performance engineering theory, e.g. Amdahl's law, Universal Scalability Law
  • Designing and building load control control systems
  • Requires working knowledge of load control theory and mechanisms, e.g. queueing theory, generic cell rate control algorithm
  • Working knowledge of efficient Algorithms and Data Structures High-performance systems require appropriate application of efficient algorithms and data structures to meet performance requirements




We’ll also need these

  • Firm grasp of Go or other high performant languages
  • Git for source control
  • Agile Development using Scrum and Jira
  • CI and CD experience
  • Knowledge of functional and object-oriented programming
  • Knowledge of Microservice, Kubernetes and Cloud infrastructure.


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