Cyber Security Professional - Spain Operations

Job Req ID:  7518
Posting Date:  20-Jan-2023
Function:  Cyber Security

Madrid, Spain

Salary:  Competitive

Security isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind when you think of BT, but when it comes to keeping everyone safely connected, We Are The Protectors. We deal with thousands of cyber-attacks every day, so that millions of people can safely go about their daily lives and run their businesses.   We deliver vital work at scale, with real breadth and impact. We connect for good.
You'll be joining a specialist security team that is a trusted partner to governments worldwide, protecting critical national infrastructure and committed to the safety and security of our nation and global communities. Our mission focused work is innovative, inspiring and technologically challenging in a way that makes every day different and stimulating. We provide the opportunity to work on rare projects, with exciting tools and brilliant people. Everyone has access to unparalleled professional and personal development opportunities and your contribution is always valued.

  • Manage Complete Security Incidents Process for Detection, Analysis, Response and Remediation.
  • Monitoring and set the correspondence category of every Incident Security indentifying True Positives and False Positives based in correspondent Use Cases in production.
  • Complete process of:
    - Case Registration in Ticketing System.
    - Initial event investigation
    - Basic triage activities
    - Interaction and comunication with customer in Detection, Analysis, Response and Remediation activities.
  • Responsable keeping control of SLAs defined for every type of Incident Security defined per customer ensuring comply.
  • Discipline to follow the process and documentation defined to ensure the quality parameters defined.
  • Discipline to follow the process and documentation defined to ensure the quality parameters defined.
  • Manage process escalation to Security Specialist and SSOM regarding defined by every meassure defined per incident security type
  • Initiative proactive and anticipation to report improvements or lack process detected.
  • Must be ensure progresively skills and dynamism to manage the systems and tools demanded for deliver the service with agility and ability





  • -EU Work permit
  • -Fluent Spanish
  • English (spoken and written English needed to work with international stakeholders, at least B1)
  • 24/7 rotative shift


Professional skills

  • Minimum of 1 years of experience in security operations preferable CySOC Teams or equivalent in CNOC/NOC handled Security Incidents and Investigations and quick understanding of Logical and Aplication of Use Cases.

Demostrate deep Knowledge:

  • Knowledge of the TCP/IP protocol suite, DHCP, DNS, LAN/WAN, and Operating System concepts.

  • -Knowledge network security knowledge to include remote access, DMZ architecture, network monitoring, intrusion detection, and web server security.


  • Demonstrated knowledge of security SIEMs and Security Logs Management:
    - Preferred SIEM systems; Qradar, LogRythm, Sentinel, McAfee and Splunk.
    - Other preferred SIEM Systems; Arcsight, Fortisiem and Syslog.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of security EDR :
    - Preferred EDR solutions; CrowStrike, PaloAlto (Cortex/Traps), Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection, Sentinel One and Vmware Carbon Black .
    - Other preferred EDR solutions; Checkpoint Sandblast,  Symantec, Bitdefender, Mcafee Mvision.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of Phising & Fraud based in fraudulent email analysis and management of dedicated tools for this purpose as:
    - Fireeye ETP
    - Forcepoint
    - ProofPoint
    - Cisco Email Security
    - Symantec Email Security